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Drone flight simulation is a great way of carrying out your activities using a drone. Popular examples include drone racing, taking videos, photography, gaming and tracking. The best thing with the software is that it is able to help you in controlling available drones in the market. However, balancing between what you want and the budget you have becomes a tricky affair. Also, with the many simulation software in the market, it is not quiet easy to pick what you want.


When looking out for a simulation software make sure you consider other factors like what you plane to use and the size of your drone. One thing the simulators help you at is the memory and hand to eye coordination. Below are the best 3

 1. Real Flight Drone Flight Simulator

It is not a secret you cannot get any other comprehensive and powerful drone simulator in the current market. Nevertheless, you have to appreciate the fact that you have to pay for the quality. Although the price may be expensive ($ 102) it is worth the price tag in every manner. All the software functions are done by the controller so you do not need a keyboard. This software will help you in learning camera control, flight control and also learning controlling your drone. If you are planning to use a Mac PC your budget is going to be way more expensive. One of the greatest features is the rewind feature that gives you the chance to repeat a flight if your drone crashes.

2. Simpro Drone Simulator

This is a great simulator for both PC and Mac users. The simulation has an inbuilt flight engine that simulates the real world of drone flight. Such a feature significantly improves the accuracy of your flying. One great thing about this simulation software is the fact that the next version promise to provide an array of great features. This software is very good for learning: real world ligh conditions, flight modeling and realistic gaming. Simpro Drone simulator supports USB controllers and works with the popular gaming consoles in the market.

3. Aerofly RC7 Quad Simulator

This is the most of realistic simulation controllers you can ever get. The manipulation of the software will make you feel like you are controlling a real plane. This simulation software is available in various formats and standards that vary in price. The software is a great flight simulator since it has many customization abilities especially when it comes to using it.